05 Things To Know Earlier In Life To Be A Winner

“20% of your prior action will decide the 80% of results in your life.”

What are those things we all should know earlier in life to become a winner later in life? In this podcast, I have discussed the Top 5 things in your life that matter to win-

1. What Do You Eat?
2. The Content You Consume
3. The Friends/ Relation You Make
4. The Decisions You Take
5. The Time You Put Into Things

It may sound bitter to accept, But this is the truth you should know right now & so that you can decide what’s better for yourself.

I have gone deeper into each of these elements of our life in this podcast below.

Deep dive into it & Let me know what you feel below on comments.


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10 thoughts on “05 Things To Know Earlier In Life To Be A Winner”

  1. Thank you for your motivation , now a days people really need these type of motivation in their life as u correctly point out , that we never notice what we do in our day-to-day life , if we focus on little habits of our life that’s definitely help us in achieving our aims .

  2. Your habits are really leave a great impact on your mind and that decides your win or lose. The 5things are really explained so deeply and I am amazed after listening it and realizing it.
    I have noted down my learnings from this.
    🔸What we eat daily that is directly connected with our actions and actions leads to our success or failure. That is the food only which gives us strength,potential, energy to work. The feeding of our whole body determines how efficiently we can do our work. By eating healthy and clean, we can become 400% more efficient in doing our works. In short , food is the indicator of our focus. And the relentlessness in case of food is really worthy.
    🔸Our daily consumption of contents, through social media, TV etc. can customize our thought process. Those create our thoughts and it can channelize our actions as “what a man thinks, he becomes”. Stick to the game of relevance. If your contents have any direct or indirect relations towards your goal or vision, then you are on the right path,give more attention to it. But if not , just shift the contents to those who actually have relevance with your mission. Make small difference daily, day by day it becomes habit and oneday you will not have any option to get distracted from your works and focus. Rule your own mind, don’t be ruled by these irrelevant contents.
    🔸 Your relations can also be a deciding factor in the journey of success. You actually can be influence or demotivated by those people with whom you spends most of the time in your life. Those who actually somehow increase your strength, support your creativity, make you stronger, provide more energy to you; make them close friend. Because by being surrounded with them you feel the positive aura that will increase your enthusiasm too towards accomplishment of your goals. And those people who always say you negative things, drag your foot from taking action, they actually can down your moral and enthusiasm. Just declutter them from your life or avoid them to energize yourself only for your bigger actions.
    🔸Your decisions are the most crucial things in your life. What you are today is only because of your gradual decisions if it is a logical and relevant one then you become a winner and if not you can’t become. Your decisions always come up with results. So took it logically. Here comes the concept of gratification. For instant gratification you take maximum decisions and never think about the decision of delayed gratification. So you can’t take the right one by thinking about instant gratification. And by doing this you lose focus from your works and donot get the success. Just think logically and take your decision wisely.
    🔸The time is not the biggest asset, it is always a constant. The only variable that regulates the time is Focus. When it is related with your time you become productive. And all those successful persons apply this focus in their works. The power of practice, focus of one, consistency in giving focus are the key points of a success holder. Never compare yourself with the successful persons by comparing you can’t get any profit; but yes by learning and observing their lifestyle,their habits and also by implementing those golden things into your life you can become a better version of yourself. You can really develop your mental wellness. And by keep putting the focus on your works those are relevant to your goals, definitely you can hit the success button.
    It was an amazing podcast, or I can say a reminder call to get back on the track.
    Thank you sir, for this awesome one.

  3. Choti chiz aage jaake badi important hoti he aur aaj. Ke is podcast me asa 5 chiz jo thora pehle jan lena aacha he ….

    Yaha pe hamare pass 2 choice he either aap crap aur fast food khao nhi to aap healthy food ko apna lo..

    Yehi sochre hoge ye kaise effect kar sakte he…

    Ye champion ya winner banne ke liye hame strong and potential chaiye apna 100 percent dena ke liye hame aacha food khane ke jarurat he.. aur wo khana hame healthy khane se milega..ham chote se bade banne ke liye food ek important role play karta he…hamara food hamre brain ko effect karta he..agar apna lalach ko rok lega to 100 nhi 400 percent energy de sakte he….

    To aap kaun sa rasta loge obviously Healthy Food wala.

    2) Content We Consume
    Aap ek baar socho aap jo dekh rahe ho pure djn either from surrounding and videos newspaper etc wo wakei aapke goals ke relavent he..agar haa to bahut sahi lekin agar aapka answer naa he to hame usko badalne ki jarurat he…kyu ki ham jo sochte he wahi bante he to agar aap out of context kuch dekhoge to kabhi bhi goals ko achieve nhi kar paoge.. content should be relavent..apni goals aur content align karna chaiye..

    aap jo friends ko select karte ho wo wakai help karte he aapko aage badne me, jim rohn said you are sum of 5 people surrounding. To agar aapke surrounding friends aapko help nhi karte , motivated nhi rehte complain karte he to aapko apni sangati badalni paregi…kyu ki wo aapko koi point me help nhi karegi..aur dost ase banaye jo aapko har kaam me double motivation de

    In this case aapke family members me jo aapke growth me koi help nhi karta to aapko break leke unko avoid karna hoga

    Aap jo decision loge wo appka future decide karega. Suppose aap bahut famous ho aur successful to aap ass kuch kiye honge jo aapko is stage ko asan bana diya he..agar aap unsuccessful ho to aapke decision ke baare me….yaha pe concept ata he delayed vs instance gratification ka..jaha instant matlb aapko abhi chaiye aur delayed matlb aap long term ke baare me soch rahe ho ..wapas se aapko wahi baat he ki aapka decision kaun sa he…

    5)TIME YOU PUT….
    asa kabhi mat socho ki aap time and effort nhi diye ho aur results ka wait kare ho jo aapko kabhi nhi meilega. Aapko uske liye time and effort dena padega..sabke life me 24 hours he aur isi time me kuch log successful hote he aur kuch failure..sab log compare karte he ki wo bada admi ban gaya mai nhi ban paya Lekin ye koi nhi dekhte he ki wo apna pura time usko achieve karna me laga diya he…aap sikho elon musk aur aapke pattern kya he aapko lagta he elon musk apna time waiste karke bade admi bane he to aapko phir sochne ki jarurat he…aapko apne time invest karna padega apne goals ko achieve karne ke liye….

    Thanku so much for your valuable knowledge
    Your mentee

  4. Wonderful podcast👏👏👏 Great Job! Very relatable 😊
    These are really the five things that if one gets to realise and understand early in life , it will help him or her Shape his life and eventually be a Winner in each day of his or her life.
    Thank you so much for coming up with your podcast😊
    Waiting for next!

  5. Little things in your life can have a great impact later on.

    1. The food we intake :-
    We need to work in order to achieve our goals with maximum strength and potential. Our food affects our mind scientifically and emotionally. Digestive system is the hub of your core. Healthy food can give us 400% extra energy i.e. 400% better self.

    2. The content we surf :-
    Your content creates your thoughts process. If your content is irrelevant to your goals, avoid wasting time into it. “You’ll become what you think about.” Whatever we feed to our brain, that would be directly reflected in our thoughts, words and actions, which will predict your future. The more you stick to your aims, the nearer you get to them. Allign your content and goals. Don’t over do entertainment, they can be fatal to your dreams.

    3. The relations we build :-
    “We are the average of the five people with stand with.” If your surrounding people are positive, productive, inspire you, if YES be with them or else build healthy growing relationships wisely. Do not let people drain your energy or depress you. A good bye to those who hurt you is definitely a better decision to fix this issue.

    4. The decisions we make :-
    Your decisions always decide your fortune. Make a habit of taking logical and realistic decisions. I WANT IT V/S I WANT IT NOW. Delayed gratification means thinking about the long-run. Your decisions will either make you a WINNER or break you.

    5. The time and efforts we put into things :-
    Invest your time in your goal relevant things and finish it without being diverted. Single focused goal, power of consistency and discipline every single day can make you win. Learn from how someone else is achieving more than you in 24 hours. Don’t hate them or compare yourself with them, rather have that positivity and humbleness. Just implement them!

    A truly call for action podcast, thank you Mentor.

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