Leave comfort; Accept growth

Leave Comfort; Accept Growth

Are you comfortable at your place?
If you have
-Food to eat, Shelter To Live, Much available internet & Basic living resources to survive then You’re most probably in your comfort zone.
More than 90% of the people are in their comfort/safe/secure zone that’s why only the top 4% (top few) got huge success in their life.

This episode is about what are the phases of leaving the comfort zone & moving towards the growth zone. i.e- Transitional phases between You n’ your Comfort & your Growth

#Comfort Zone- is where you’re settled & feeling safe
#Fear Zone- You’ll get fear of How I’ll do this, Can I !!! You’ll lack self-confidence. You’ll be affected by other’s opinions & your mind will tell you to go back to comfort.
#Learning Zone- You’ll learn new skills, You’ll start implementing & get obstacles. You’ll face them & move ahead. You’ll be optimistic & solution-oriented.
#Growth Zone- You’ll be unstoppable. Will make new gals. Conquer all the objectives. Will find directions & purpose. You’ll live your dreams.

Hope this podcast will make you uncomfortable to stay inside your comfort.

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To Your Success
-Saransh Sourav

6 thoughts on “Leave Comfort; Accept Growth”

  1. Jyotshnarani senapati

    It’s true ! We always want the growth but also we want to stay in the comfort zone . But it’s not going to achieve . I totally agree with you . Restart is necessary , productivity is necessary too. There are so many things which will come in the way , so many challenges will come, so many problems will come . But we have to think about our responsibilities and we have to understand the situation is temporary, it’ll go one day. Learning zone is something , where we learn & implement and when implementation will happen we’ll get result and when we’ll face challenges , we’ll grow . That is growth. Distractions will come but we have to move forward. That’s why , we have to go out our comfort zone & we have to reach the growth zone. That’s what I learned from this . Thank you

  2. Thank you for this amazing podcast.

    It gave a great insight about how we make excuses to remain in our comfort zone. Again and again we try to find more and more excuses to enjoy the comfort zone. But we never realise that we can’t grow by being in comfort zone.
    Most interestingly we tend to consume motivation, growth type contents while being in comfort zone but we forget that we are not going to grow only by consuming those contents while being in comfort zone instead we have to leave our comfort zone and take action.

    Keep creating those mental insight type contents.
    It’s creating good vibes in the surrounding.
    Thank you again bro.

  3. When you are having all the basic amenities of life, you are at your Comfort Zone. Top 4% of people get successful because of the 90% people are just in their safe zone. If you want to achieve some desirable position or designation, you need to come out of your comfort zone and be the part of hustle to growth. Make every single day productive and learn new skills, deal with new challenges and overcome them. Do not let down your self confidence, there itself 50% possibilities are of winning.


    But if you don’t take responsibilities difficult times would come more often, that would be your Fear Zone.

    When you beat your own fear and insecurities to improve yourself as well as to learn new skills at that time you would enter into the Learning Zone. Be solution oriented!

    By conquering each little challenges and solving them gradually your appetite to accept challenges would grow and you would be in a position to draw motivation and inspiration from your own achievements in your Growth Zone.

    We got only one life, make it lively, make it happening!

    Thank you so much Sir for this brainstorming podcast.❤

  4. TRUE… “Sirf jeena nhi h din ko productive v banana h” and as you said “ek hi life” , so have to do something unique….Sir Mukesh Ambani is a Millionaire… His father has kept enough money and he would have easily made his son sit in the house… And if Sir Mukesh Ambani wants he himself would sit comfortably on the couch watching Netflix with chips, popcorn and of course pizzass..why is he blowing his mind and making every second productive? One must come out of comfort zone and grow and make one’s life worth it .. It’s never too late to begin…And life begins at the end of your comfort zone….and by this astounding podcast Sir Saransh have made us understand Comfort zone is the greatest foe of courage and distractions….

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