6 Morning Mistakes We Do Every Morning

There is a very popular saying that
“Morning shows the day”
Almost 80% of one day’s work gets figured out in the morning itself. But if our morning is not well then our whole day gets converted into shit. So what are these mistakes?
Let’s know.

1) Waking up late
First morning mistake is not waking up early, waking up but busy with mobile phone all these symptoms are too much common in society.
The reason behind this, is sleeping late and not getting enough sleep.
Using electronic gadgets like smartphone, tablet, laptop and TV till late night.
Not having a proper amount and nutrition rich dinner.
Not having a aim in life which will drive you to wake up early and hustle for your mission.

2) Mobile addiction
Second morning mistake is using mobile phone for longer duration and in unproductive works. It’s also known as NOMO PHOBIA.
Here are some solutions for it.
Read motivational/inspirational books in morning.
Watch productive videos.
Read articles and listen to podcasts.
You should not be attracted by shiny objects and forget your goal. Rather you should use your smartphone smartly.

3) Missing out morning workout
Third morning mistake is missing out morning workout,
Because it
Improves blood circulation
Regulate the secretion of the glands
Activate and alert brain after a long duration of sleep.
Improves the secretion of pleasure hormones (Dopamine, Serotonin, Endorphin, Oxytocin).
And skipping morning workout results in many diseases.

4) Skipping breakfast
Fourth morning mistake is skipping the first and most important meal of the day.
Most of the people have not any perfect timing of having breakfast.
Taking oily and spicy foods as breakfast.
Taking only tea or coffee as breakfast.
Overeating at the time of breakfast.
These all are morning mistake we do when it comes to breakfast.

There is a popular quote of Adelle Davis
Eat your Breakfast like a king
Lunch like a prince
And Dinner like a beggar.

Here the king, prince and beggar denotes the amount of nutrition not the amount of food.
Breakfast is also known as Break Your Fast, So, let’s break the fast with nutritious food.

5) Late grooming activities
Fifth morning mistake we generally do is bathing late and finishing our grooming activities too late.
But finishing the grooming activities early in the morning have lots of benefits. These are,
It energizes your day
Clean our skin and protect us from seasonal diseases.
Boost mental creativity
Makes the skin glowing and attractive.

6) Not practising meditation
Last but not the least, the last morning mistake we do is not doing meditation.
We have to meditate for atleast 20 mins per day. But most of the time we find excuses of not doing it.
But if you are regular with meditation then you will experience that
Anxiety, fear and all negative thoughts goes away.
Improvement in decision making.
Improved situation handling capacity.
Your today is better than your yesterday.
That’s all reasons are enough for doing mediation.

Hope you will not repeat all these morning mistakes anymore. To know more about these morning mistakes watch my YouTube video.

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