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Hi, I Am Saransh Sourav

aka Beyond Fitness. I was a 19-year old guy when I lost my mom to a fatal kidney disorder on 15 January 2018.

Before that, I used to be a hardcore musician, a normal college-going boy having ambitions to become an amazing musician one day.

That incident of losing someone very own came with one of the toughest turns in my life. I got shattered, started eating unhealthy food, and developed bad habits. As soon as I realized it had been 4 long months, then at that point of my life, I became overweight. My friends started teasing me about that. I was inexpressible in front of others, even unable to face the mirror due to the weight I had put on.

One day, I measured my weight; It was 80.6Kgs, I realized I was around 15 Kgs overweight at that point of time. I positively channelized all my energy & started developing good habits in my life. As a result, I lost 11kgs of weight & got a super healthy body & way of living in just 70 days. Crazy right! But it happened because I manifested it.

I saw a common pattern in those few days of my journey that my friend, his friend, his friend’s friend have similar kinds of issues that I have with health & personal fitness earlier. I started helping out people by giving them suggestions to realign their lifestyle, a few of them got some good breakthroughs. That gave me a direction… I can call it a wake-up call that made me realize I was born to create an impact in people’s lives.

As I just joined my graduation it was a new beginning to me, I started showing interest towards nutrition & lifestyle. I started learning things, got enrolled in a few courses, and slowly started helping people with my knowledge & experience. I was confident enough to start fitness camps in my university campus, more people started coming in & the strength kept building up inside me.

So, I was a musician earlier but with all these patterns & callings from the universe, I started dedicating more time in helping people to lose their weight n’ live a healthy-active fat-free life. I slowly shifted my focus from music & turned to a ‘fitness practitioner’. That was a huge shift in my life. I started loving people, more than that I took their health issues as mine & kept solving it for them even more frequently.

In August 2018, I started an Instagram page named “Beyond Fitness” which now is a grown community having 400+ success stories of transformations.

In 2019 November, I shifted gears realizing that this is a new life as a trainer/coach. I took this thing even more seriously & started giving personalized Diet plans, Workout Regimes & Lifestyle Consultations to people. More people started coming on board as I successfully created many amazing results through my training.

In a few months, the ripple effect of the efforts I was putting in started showing up, and then more people started asking me for their transformations. In March 2020, I took an office from my pocket money with a vision to take this thing more forward.

Then COVID hit hard on all of us; I was worried that everything was going to fall into a pit as I was training people offline. I had to lock the doors & return back to my hometown. For the first few days, it was hard to believe what’s happening around me and things started shattering again. My dream of reaching more people with good health was starting to fall apart. With the new month of April, I got some new hope, Installed Zoom into my smartphone & started connecting with people as it’s the new normal I needed to accept.

As the whole world was talking about infections & deaths; I started giving optimistic learnings on Lifestyle, Diet & Nutrition, Immunity & Preventive measures through several digital platforms. “Where there’s a will, there’s a way” like that I started finding ways to reach out to more people online. COVID has taught all of us to take more care of ourselves & how to live a healthy active lifestyle with clean food, physical activities n’ good sleep. I started doing FREE webinars on various topics of physical, mental, emotional dimensions of wellbeing including nutrition and basics of lifestyle via online media more people started joining me. In just 2 months the growth has been so huge I was able to register more than 45+ paid members inside my various programs. The growth was unexceptional & we have continued to help people in delivering solutions to their health & overweight issues.

Finally, after a year of consistent hustle in December 2020 I caught the attention of one of the very popular publications of eastern India, Mycitylinks. They published my interview which gave us an outreach & validation. We continued to serve people with more fighting spirit & enthusiasm. I have already completed 3 years of helping hundreds of people to transform. A few months back we have taken the decision to switch completely to digital platforms as we have realized it has no boundaries & I can impact on a large scale sitting at my place.

Now I have a linear mission that is to “Help 1,00,000 young adults to lose their weight & live a fat-free life using the power of lifestyle & nutrition”.


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